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    Need Some Migration Help


      Hi, we are planning on migrating our existing SolarWinds installation from server 2008 sp1 (NON-R2) to Server 2012 R2 before upgrading to NPM v12. I don’t quite understand everything that needs to be done, especially with NTA and its internal database. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Here is the current Setup:

      • Orion01
        • Server 2008 SP1
        • Single (only) Poller
        • Holds ALL roles except NTA database
        • Receives all sylogs, traps, etc
        • NPM, NCM, IPAM, NTA, FSM
      • Orion02
        • Holds NTA Storage Database

      We want to migrate Orion01 to a new server (call it Orion001) with server 2012 R2

      Here are the step that I think we are supposed to take, but I am not real comfortable with them:

      • Stop all Orion Services on Orion01 and Orion02
      • Backup the Orion database
      • Restore the database to a different database server
      • Install all components on Orion001 and connect to restored database
      • Shutdown Orion01
      • Rename and Re-IP Orion001 to Orion01