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    Quickest way to edit multi device properties for failed connections


      Ive just ran a change script on 250 switches, and about 30 have come back, connection refused..  I know what the problem is, but I have no way to select these devices and edit the properties, to then rerun the script.  Edit properties just isnt an option on the Transfer Status screen.


      Ok, so I thought Id go back to the Cong Management screen where Edit Properties is, but then I cant filter the list of devices to show only the ones that have failed!!!  Maybe Ill try to sort the columns that show the error "Cannot login", or "Connection refused".. oh wait, no sorry, cant do that either...  I then tried "Last login result".. but because the error shows the switch IP, it just shows one at a time  -  although at least I can select one device, then move to the next, it does retain the previous selection.


      There must be an easier way to select these 30 devices without having to manually select them.. surely a way to either sort or filter them so they appear in one list I can group edit, or even allow the search to search the Error Details or Selected Action column, or at least sort them!!!

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          Hi Sk3l3t0r,


          Assuming that you are on the newer NCM where the NCM db is married to the NPM db. I would approach this in the manner below.


          Note: I manipulate my devices via custom properties, the query below is written for you to accomplish your work in the same way. Since we have different custom properties ensure to replace (Custom Property) with your desired property.


          Step 1. Run the following Query (This is to confirm that these are your troubled nodes)

          SELECT NodeCaption,AgentIP,LoginStatus,(Custom Property)

          FROM NCM_Nodes

          WHERE LoginStatus NOT LIKE 'Login OK'


          Step 2. Once you have confirmed that the query above gives you the nodes you're looking to work with run the query below.

          UPDATE NCM_Nodes SET (Custom Property) = 'FAILED DEVICES' WHERE LoginStatus NOT LIKE 'Login OK'


          Step 3. Navigate to the Configuration Manager on your Solarwinds website


          Step 4. Select the 'Group By' drop down menu and select your (Custom Property)


          Step 5. Select ALL then select 'Edit Properties' and make the changes you need to all of your nodes.


          Step 6. Once your changes are made and you're ready to clear your custom property run the following query

          UPDATE NCM_Nodes SET (Custom Property) = NULL WHERE (CustomProperties) LIKE 'FAILED DEVICES'



          This is the way I've found to be more efficient, specially when working with a large amount of nodes.




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