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    How would be best to trigger an alert for high levels of traffic?


      Is there an easy way to trigger an email and/or an event alert going into the event listings on the Orion home page in the event of unusual activity?  Would it be possible to have this be a check box for an event and another check box to send an email message? It would be nice to have this be an event with parameters defined by the site or even by interface (in our case a port on a switch or an access point).  We have a few IP addresses that normally send large amounts of data on a daily basis out to the cloud for backup, but we would like to be able to know quickly if some other device or location were sending that much information internally or externally.


      If there isn't an easy way to do this with a limit that is user-defined, I'd like to make a feature request for either NTA (because where I see the need is mostly for traffic volume) or NPM?


      Thanks, in advance, for any information or help.