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    Latest EOC v2 Beta available for try!


      This is s good day for everybody who are hungry to see more what's coming for SolarWinds Enterprise Operational Console v2. Today we're rolling out our latest beta which has support for NPM, SAM, VIM and Storage products.

      Here is a short list of functionality you may try and where we would get your honest feedback:


      1) Summary dashboard with remote servers group status and top alerts.

      2) Navigation from EOC summary page to the target device detail page on remote Orion server

      3) Web-based reporting with 20 out of the box reports and possibility to customize or build any report and federate data from your remote Orions into a single page.

      4) early beta version of new active-alert resource which consolidates all incoming alerts from remote Orions.


      And obviously bunch of back-end and performance stuff which make this work.


      Here is how you can add your remote server:

      1) Select: "Add SolarWinds Site" from menu

      2) type hostname of NPM, DPA or SAM and enter Admin credentials

      3) If side is successfully added you will see a toast message and you can validate the status in site management:



      Now after this step it should take a moment to load up your summary page with status summary for all elements and alerts:




      after that is done, go to reporting and have a look at new reports, run them and also try to customize them:




      This beta is meant to be installed on as standalone server on a separate machine than any of your existing Orion instances and it's compatible with: NPM 12.0, DPA 10.0.1, VIM 2.1.2, SAM 6.3.0

      Also, let me remind this is a beta and while we will try solve any kind of issue you'll run into we can't guarantee it's stability. If you make sure nothing may break, install any evaluation version of product above to test EOC.


      And, the most important:



      When you install and try, please share your thoughts with others here in this forum.

      Also, I'd like to do few quick calls with you guys and see you using this beta and get feedback regarding our UI and your experience in general. Thanks for your help, as always. Everybody who will participate will get 2000 thwack points.