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    Volumes and Custom Properties


      I am going to say it first and foremost. I am very new to setting up alerts and monitoring with Solarwinds. So while i have been setting them up i am having issues. I am creating an alert for days remaining on certain volumes of certain nodes. I have entered a custom property and set it to the volumes that i wish to monitor. This is working as intended with a catch. It is alerting on the correct nodes but not the correct volumes. I set the CP to be on actual disks like the C and E drives. However i am getting the alerts on volumes that are not labled with my CP.


      I am using the baked in alerting however i have modified it slightly with the digging i have done trying to learn this type of alerting. So i ask you you all to help me find what i did wrong.


      NOTE - I added the line LEFT JOIN Orion.Volumes volumes on volumes.NodeID = VolumesForecastCapacity.NodeID and the last line of AND volumes.customproperties.monitorvolumes = 'true'


      NOTE - I thought that i could change the volumes.NodeID could be changed to volumes.VolumeID however doing this makes no alerts trigger no matter how far i push the alert (hence the 1800000 days and much further)

      LEFT JOIN Orion.Nodes nodes on nodes.NodeID = VolumesForecastCapacity.NodeID

      LEFT JOIN Orion.Volumes volumes on volumes.NodeID = VolumesForecastCapacity.NodeID

      LEFT JOIN Orion.Settings s ON s.SettingID = 'ForecastMinDays'





      VolumesForecastCapacity.DaysToCapacityAvg <= 1800000



      AND VolumesForecastCapacity.MetricName = 'Forecast.Metric.PercentDiskUsed'



      AND DayDiff(VolumesForecastCapacity.MinDateTime, VolumesForecastCapacity.MaxDateTime) >= ISNULL(s.CurrentValue, 7)



      AND  nodes.Unmanaged = false



      AND Volumes.customproperties.MonitorVolumes = 'true'