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    Quickly identify Public IP space with NCM


      I'm trying to figure out if there is a quick and easy way to identify all public IP space (non-RFC 1918) present in network device configurations throughout our network. We have NCM downloading configs from all of our devices, so I figured this shouldn't be hard to do. However, I don't see a pre-built Report for this and I can't seem to find a config report on content exchange either.


      I'm not looking to re-invent the wheel here. What I'm trying to do is verify completeness of data in our IPAM (Infoblox). My question is - what's the easiest and quickest way to get this done? It just seems like there should be an easy task.


      I was thinking I can write a configuration report that would search configs for non-RFC 1918 IP addresses. But this would only give me a list of devices that have public IPs on them and I would still have to collect the IP space information like netmask manually from each device.


      Should I just get download a trial of SolarWinds IPAM if it integrates with NCM somehow? I've never used SolarWinds IPAM.


      Any ideas are welcome!