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    Looking to us the swis client in Python while specifying server type: Orion (v2) AD?


      I need to query Solarwinds but with Orion (V2) AD. Is there a way to specify Servery Type V2 versus whatever is default within my python code?


      The following is my Python code:


      from orionsdk import SwisClient


      username = "username"

      password = "password"

      server = "server"


      swis = SwisClient(server, username, password)


      results = swis.query("select circuitID, syslocation from NCM.Nodes")



      When I run it and print the query output I get the following:

      unknown provider Cirrus


      In order to fix this in SWQL Studio I run using Server Type: Orion (V2) AD and it runs correctly with no error.