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    FoE and MSSQL Reporting Service


      Good afternoon folks,

      I'm working on my first Solarwinds deployment.  I'm having trouble getting one of my nodes to switch over via the failover engine.  Let me tell you a bit about our topology:


      One server running Solarwinds + MSSQL

      One Server Running MSSQL (A high availability group has been created, Solarwinds is pointed at the floating IP).  The database files are on drive D.

      One additional polling engine.

      A clone of the additional polling engine running a failover engine

      A clone of drive C of the Solarwinds/SQL Server running a failover engine.


      If I initiate a manual switchover or failover of the additional polling engine, it works very nicely.  If I try a switchover of the Solarwinds/Web server it never completes.  When I look in the logs on the failover box I see an error about the SQL Reporting Service being unable to start due to a missing file.  Does the FoE need to start the SQL server, or is something else going on?