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    Universal Device Poller - differences

    Richard Phillips

      I have 2 Polling servers the primary - installed with my base Solarwinds Orion installation and a secondary.


      This past week I build a UDP for pulling Palo Alto HA status. I struggled for days to get it to pull data - when I would test the data would appear, but I could never get it to appear on the individual pages for my devices. Finally I noticed that one of my PA devices was showing the information, but none of the others. What I found was that particular device was being polled from the primary poller, while all of the others were polled by the secondary. I move a firewall from the secondary to the primary and immediately the data appeared. This sounds like I've got something misconfigured on the secondary poller. Now the really odd thing is that both pollers show all the same UDPs - including 3 others for the PA devices that all poll correctly on both of the polling engines.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.