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    Netpath Services (un-accountable delay)


      While performing some troubleshooting I set up a netpath to a trouble site that was reporting slowness.  I was able to verify that site slowness with iperf3 testing, but have yet to find the cause of the slowness.  When I setup a netpath to this site (mainly because I wanted to play with it), on the last hop it shows a large amount of delay.  However, when I ping that site I don't see that same delay.  Where netpath servcies shows 300ms, I see around 11ms.  I thought that maybe it is because netpath was hitting port 22 and not using ICMP, so I decided to test to the same site via TCP port 22 with hping3.


      hping3 -S -p 22 x.x.x.x 


      But I get the same result of around 11 - 15ms of delay.  Why does netpath services show such a discrepancy?