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    Add EditedBy name to email subject


      Is there a user manual for editing the CustomLabels.properties file?


      I want to tweak the information that appears in the subject line.  A bunch of emails with Ticket 182 Active (Updated) --> (mixed in with other ticket numbers and other statuses) is pretty useless when you're looking for a) a particular ticket (the description appears too far in the subject) and b) an email from a specific person (reading my own updates is annoying when I'm looking for the client's responses).


      # <var9> = the author of the note at the root of this email, or at least the name of the last person to edit the ticket, be it me or the client or...

      email.msg.updated.subject.client = {lbl.ticket} <var1> <var9> --> <var4> |<var2> (Updated)



      related question.

      The email I get as tech has a nice link for 'Add Note' at the top.  I'd like clients to get the same.

      I thought changing 'Default Tech Note E-Mail Type' to Full ticket info would do it, but the format has not changed.


      any help appreciated. HS