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    Monitor services delivered by 10AX3000 load balancers




      I'm using Solarwinds Orion Platform 2015.1.2, NPM 11.5.2 to monitor our 10AX3000 load balancers . The issue is that I can’t able monitor balanced services i.e GMT, LTM,  Virtual servers, pool and pool member for any Load Blancer.


      Nodes already poll via SNMP V2


      Please if any one share knowledge in this regard really helpful for me,




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          Sorry for the typo its A10 Model AX1030 /   AX3000   /  AX1100

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            We have a few A10's supported by a 3rd party, but it turns out I have the correct SNMP string. When I walked it, It looks like that data is there so you can add a custom poller to gather the data. (watch the video in the link)


            First SNMP walk your device. My A10's had over 7500 values, Scan/search through the text file and you will see the names of the things you care about it. That's your map to go to when you build the poller.

            Look under OID in the Orion Universal Device Poller, The MIBs for A10's are loaded, so you should find what you are looking for.

            My "stuff lived under . and I had the tree of things below. 

            A10 Custom poller.PNG

            You will see things that you don't care about, but map out what you do care about and add it one by one and add it in. Then assign those pollers to your node, and maybe set up a custom page to display it.


            It can be confusing. Post back if you run into issues, I may be able to find some free time to give it a shot and share it here, but honestly I don't think we use these devices heavily, I likely won't have data for all the possible services.