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    NPM 12.0 requirements and your experiences.


      If you look at the following : NPM 12.0 system requirements - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support .  Unless I am being stupid, NPM would love 32gb of RAM on the server side of NPM and 128gb of RAM for the SQL.  After speaking to solarwinds and wondering why it required so much, they have no idea.  Though I have been informed that the current setup should be perfectly fine to run solarwinds.


      My other question is if I am doing a brand new install, I can just jam all of the newest applications without having to use the step approach?  If anyone is using this version, I would love to know why it is asking for so many resources.

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          Memory is Cheap -- don't make the application run slow by skimping on the RAM

          [I assume you have a SLX install from the numbers]

          I don't know what other people find, but SW support always seem to spend an inordinate amount of time poking at my SQL server until they are satisfied it's fast enough.


          if you're doing a new install, then sure install the latest versions of everything all at once. Personally I like to make sure I've gotten NPM working first before moving on to the next thing. At least I'm only having to troubleshoot one issue at a time.