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    Last Technician Login details


      Does anyone know a way of gaining the last login date for a technician in WebHelpDesk?





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          If your Web Help Desk is run on a SQL box you can run this something i put together their might actually be other ways to do it but i like the SQL


          You will need to make sure you are running it against your WHD DB instance you see below it has WHD_Live just change that to your WHD Database and you should be golden.


              T.FIRST_NAME AS 'NAME',
              T.LAST_NAME AS 'LAST NAME',
              SE.SESSION_END_TIME AS 'LOGOFF',   
              convert(varchar(10), datediff(MINUTE,SE.SESSION_START_TIME, SE.SESSION_END_TIME)) + ' Mins'AS 'Session Time' 
          FROM [WHD_Live].[dbo].[SESSION_HIST_ENTRY] SE 
          JOIN  [WHD_Live].[dbo].[TECH] T ON (T.CLIENT_ID = SE.tech_ID)
          Where (SE.SESSION_START_TIME > GETDATE()-1) --change this value to expand the time frame 




          You can put the SQL into a report but we dont use SQL WHD any more moved to a Linux backend.

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