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    Advice on domain accounts.


      Good afternoon/morning/evening or other.


      So my current company has 3 domains (in this instance, domain 1, domain 2 and domain 3).   I am thinking of using domain accounts/groups as it will make it tidier and easier to manage.

      2 things:
      1 - how would I set this up?  For example, am I right in thinking that I would need to setup three domain groups to represent three domains and then setup groups to their respective domains.

      eg -

      Domain group.abdc.com - Node group = Admin group.abcd.com

      Domain group123.com - Admin group 123.com

      Domain group xyz.com - Admin group xyz.com


      Or, can I pool everything together and under wishful thinking, hope that solarwinds figures everything out (unlikely) and realised that domain group A belongs with group A


      I hope this makes sense, because if someone is sleepy, they would really struggle understanding this.