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    Need help with an interface utilization report


      I'm trying to figure out how to generate a daily report that contains the prior days interface utilization percent containing only interfaces that broke a certain threshold during that day. 


      I'm thinking the report would show Percent Utilization - Line Chart for interfaces that went over 90% utilization during the prior day.


      My initial thought was to create a custom yes/no property called High_Utilization that defaults to no.  When the high utilization alert is triggered the property would then change to yes.  The report would then easily be able to grab those interfaces marked with a yes and show the prior day's traffic.


      The issue with this path that I'm running into is I don't know how to reset the custom property back to no at a certain point in time everyday.  For example, if I schedule the report to run at 0645, I would want the custom property to be reset at 0700.


      Any thoughts on how to accomplish this or if there is a better way to get this done?



        • Re: Need help with an interface utilization report

          Request: Percent bandwidth report on an interface.

          Go to Orion Web-based Reports Home-Reports

          Depending of what you need, select Interface Received Traffic or Interface Transmitted Traffic


          Click on the square box and select Duplicate & Edit / In this case we will do a Percent Bandwidth Transmitted report

          Change the report name to something that makes sense, for example:

          Click on Edit Chart – you are now here:

          Change Custom Label to Percent Bandwidth Transmitted

          Change Units displayed to Percent

          Click the X to remove current Data series

          Click on ADD DATA SERIES

          Click Interface Traffic History and select Transmit Percent

          Change Title to Transmit Percent Utilization

          You are here now:

          Click SUBMIT

          You are here now:

          Select Advance Selector and click on Add Condition


          You are here now:

          Click on the green PLUS and select Add And/Or block

          You are here now:

          Click the first Select field and change Orion Object to Node, select IP_Address and click on ADD COLUMN

          Click on the second Select field and change Orion Object to Interface, select Interface Name and click on ADD COLUMN

          Enter the IP_Address of the device and Interface Name, then click ADD TO LAYOUT


          Click on Custom Table -> Edit Table

          Change Title to Average Transmit BPS

          Click SUBMIT

          You are here:


          Click Next to preview the report

          Click Next

          Click Next

          Click Next

          Click SUBMIT