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    Reporting - Third Party Updates




      I've run a full inventory of the workstations/servers on the network and the majority of the built in reports produce results when ran. I can connect to each machine and view installed software, hardware and get no errors,

      However we have a requirement to run reports on third party updates but I get no results when running this report and I'm unsure why. Can anyone offer any assistance?


      Basically, I'd like two reports, one for 3rd party update install failures and another showing computer update status for third party updates marked as needed.

      See below:



      The updates are published in patch manager:




      When I create and run the below report I also get no results.

      Create a Patch Manager report that shows only third-party updates - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support



      Help! Thanks in advance

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          Needed is not a valid string to filter on for the "Update Installation State (Friendly Name)"  field.



          Try removing the line in the filter at the bottom that says   "update installation state (friendly name)       equals      Needed"


          and replace it with these two lines  (together these roughly equate to needed since you are looking for the ones that ARE Approved but currently NOTINSTALLED):  

          •     update installation state (friendly name)    equals     NotInstalled
          •     update Approval Action (friendly name)     equals     Install

          Side note:   make sure your fields AND filters in your report are all from the same datasource; i used the "Computer Update Status with Details" datasource for my example below:

          2016-09-30 12_19_40- - Remote Desktop Connection.png


          That should get you results like this:

          2016-09-30 12_21_12- - Remote Desktop Connection.png

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