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    Comprehensive Alert Report


      I have inherited a slightly mismanaged, thus convoluted, Solarwinds Environment and I don't have much experience with this product.  I am trying to get a handle on the alerting and am having a hell of a time.  I tried using the MS SQL MGMT Studio to try to figure out where the data I want is stored but while I understand basic SQL queries, but a DBA I am not!  Then I tried the SDK and was just as lost lol.


      What I am requesting is a query that will give me a list of ALL configured and enabled alerts with their respective properties (object scope, thresholds, triggers, and the associated actions.)   I am hoping that I can take this same query and tweak it into different points of reference. The end result I am after is to determine what happens when each alert is triggered in an effort to close gaps in notifying the correct support and mgmt staff upon failure of a managed object.