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    Long Term Database connectivity issues.


      We are currently on Orion 2015.1.3 with our server on WIN 2008 R2 and our Database on same. We have had months long connectivity drops between these two nodes, in particular the poller on the core Orion server and the database. The only behavior we can pinpoint is when a .pdf report is produced per schedule, the connection goes down and services have to be restarted.

      The solarwinds Help Desk has been trying for months to pinpoint the root cause, and has recommeneded, along with our DBAs, about 12 DB fixes to improve performance (i.e. MEM consumption) along with trying to resolve the connectivity issue.


      Has anyone else experienced similar connectivity issues? Solution?


      On a 2nd note, SolarWinds strongly recommends a stand-alone database server. Does anyone have any data to prove why? Our VM gurus are concretely solid that a consistent VM based DB is fine and holy.

      Advise on this battle would be helpful as we migrate to NPM v12.