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    Netflow on IOS-XR - invalid v9 templates from devices with the same config?


      Using SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version: 4.1.2, I have the following Netflow configuration across 6 x ASR 9001's in our network:


      flow exporter-map FE-NETFLOW

      version v9

        options interface-table timeout 120

        options sampler-table timeout 120


      transport udp 2055

      source Loopback1

      destination vrf VRF-MGT


      flow monitor-map FM-NETFLOW

      record ipv4

      exporter FE-NETFLOW

      cache permanent

      cache entries 10000

      cache timeout active 2

      cache timeout inactive 2


      sampler-map SM-NETFLOW

      random 1 out-of 100


      interface x/x/x

      flow ipv4 monitor FM-NETFLOW sampler SM-NETFLOW ingress

      flow ipv4 monitor FM-NETFLOW sampler SM-NETFLOW egress


      All devices are using the same code and features.


      Of the 6 devices , 3 return report the error message:


      NTA: Unknown traffic was received


      NetFlow Receiver Service [SOLARWINDS] received an invalid V9 template with ID 256 from device x.x.x.x


      Just wondering if I would expect the same configuration to return invalid templates? Would different traffic generate invalid templates?