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    Assistance running Patch Manager compliance report (Noob)


      Hello all.


      We are new to the Patch Manager product.  It appears it is capable of some awesome stuff.  However, we are trying to run what should be, a very basic report, and have been struggling for a couple of weeks.  (And, it could certainly be user error).


      We just want a basic compliance report that would show the number of servers, OS name, patches installed, not installed, and needed.  I have been working with Solarwinds support, and we have run into several challenges.  (Since they don't support custom reports, there isn't a lot they can/will do).  I am familiar with building a custom report.  Having that report return the data we were hoping for just isn't happening.  I have purged previous inventories, and have run fresh inventory scans.  At this time, we are only concerned with Windows server Critical, and Security patches.  No 3rd party stuff.


      The problems are;


      We have 465 servers, and about 8,000 workstations.  When I run this report, that is supposed to be computers in the Servers group, (ONLY), it returns, 253,890,648 "Records", and 7,554, "Records Shown".  It is showing workstation, as well as server OSs.


      The Total Update, Total Failed, Total Installed, and Total Unknown Counts, are all clearly erroneous numbers.  And, if I attempt to include, "Total Needed", the report won't run at all.


      Please see the attached screenshots.


      Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for any help.