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    Number of questions in each section



      I read that 4 sections are related to network knowledge and 1 sections is related to solarwinds knowledge and there are 77 questions totally. How many questions is there in each section?


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          My apologies for not capturing the answer to your question during my test taking today.  You'll likely find out that knowing many questions are in each section isn't useful to passing, so don't stress yourself out about your strong or weak areas.  You'll either get it your first time, or you'll see how many questions there are, and in what categories, and you'll know what to study to be able to pass it the next try (after a 14-day cooling period).


          Seriously--don't worry about it.  You'll know it this time around, or you'll learn what to study for next time.  And it's all free.


          If you're interested in testing and passing on the first try, use these resources fully (and I mean FULLY!):


          Every SCP Question Ever


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          If you can answer all the questions and understand all the videos and documentation, and if you understand setting up VM servers and troubleshooting services on Windows servers, and have experience operating and configuring and managing Orion NPM and NCM and NTA, you should have no problems passing.


          I joined Thwack in 2004 not long after we bought early versions of NPM and NCM.  I've been its main administrator for much of that time, and the daily hands-on operation and administration really helped me have the right stuff in my head to pass in one try.


          I also specifically studied for this test off and on over the last year, and also went through several upgrades of NPM and NCM.  Further, I built custom reports and views, modified alerts and set limitations and group dependencies over the last few years as part of my job, while also creating new accounts and groups and assigning privileges and limitations to various members.  I've built Cisco ACL's and set up syslogging and snmp on Cisco gear. 


          These are all experiences that will help you pass on the first try, but don't worry about passing the first time.  You'll either do it, or know what to study for the next try.


          Good luck!