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    How Do I Know if Feature Requested is No Longer A Request?


      Caution - This is a bit of a rant. You have been warned!


      I have been an Orion user for many years now.  It is a great product and has made my job so much better.


      So here goes the rant.


      I am trying to find out what the new version (12) of Orion can do.  What feature have been added?  I do not mean a new user interface or look and feel.  I could care less about that.  What I am looking for is a list of the real features that make my job easier, such as Support for F5 (Looks Great), Support for VPN tunnels, Support for WAN Optimization, Support for Proxy Services, Support for FEXs (much like the 3700 stack).  What is going to be done in the area of SDN networking.  What are the Cloud monitoring options.  I could go on and on.  But I Know The Standard Response - "That Sounds Good, You Should Put In A Feature Request"


      Recently, an issue was uncovered about charting data and long load times (minutes).  It was Found the table containing the data is not indexed.  I was told by the support tech "You Should Put In A Feature Request".

      I have yet to find the list that says a feature request has been "Granted".

           I have put in many feature requests and had never heard back about a single one.  I see feature requests, that are years old and are still being asked for.

           One reaches the point of why bother but you still try and hope that something will be done.


      I look at the Road maps and seeing things that would be GREAT to have but they seem seem to dead end.  Never to be heard of again.


      The What We are Working On, not of help.  Work stops, not to be heard of again.


      I do understand that only so much can be done in a given time frame, I what to know the time frame and the goal.

           Example - Cisco ASA VPN Tunnels.  - Is this monitoring part of NPM 12 now or not? (See your current road map)


      May be this information is available, if so, please post the link.


      Thank you for your time, help and comments.