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    Set Dameware Mini Remote Control to fullscreen?


      Hey everybody,


      Not sure where exactly I should post this, as this is my first time on this site, and still learning my way around.  Anyways, my company uses Dameware for various reasons, and one thing that has always slightly bugged us is that Dameware Mini Remote Control is always displayed in a sort of 800x600 aspect ratio.  We use this to connect to some servers we have on site, and mostly we just ignore this as a minor inconvenience, but when we have some extensive work to do, working on a smaller screen is bothersome.  If we RDP to one of the servers, we can display the desktop in 1920x1080, just like our desktop monitor.  However, Dameware Mini Remote Control always wants to default to the smaller resolution.


      I'm not talking about maximizing the screen, as maximizing simply moves the smaller 800x600 (?) window to the top-left corner of my monitor.  Is there some setting somewhere that would allow us to set Dameware to connect to and display in full-screen?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      (Also, moderators can feel free to move this thread wherever they feel it belongs.  Sorry for the inconvenience.)