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    IPAM IP Address Conflict Detection Issue


      I have a device on my network which requests its DHCP address with a nonstandard Unique ID. Rather than just a mac address it also shows 6 zeros at the end of the ID in the DHCP server. This creates a false positive alert as IPAM neighbor ARP scanning detects the normal mac address but it is truncating the mac right to left from the DHCP server when IPAM scans it. Is there anyway to work around this? We will most likely be adding one of these devices to each location in our 80 location network and if they all show as conflicts without any ability to filter these out it will render the IP conflict detection useless. Configuring them with static addresses may be an option but I would rather not have to do that.


      Windows Server 2012 R2 DHCP

      Verifone Credit Card Machine Client

      Orion 2016.2.100

      IPAM 4.3.2

        • Re: IPAM IP Address Conflict Detection Issue

          I had something similar to this occurring.

          What I did to get around it is to modify the "Alert me when there is a IP Address Conflict based on MAC address." alert.

          I set a child condition so that it could not equal certain addresses. You could do the same thing but set it so that it can't contain or end with certain addresses.

          I pasted a screenshot of the alert.ipam.JPG

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