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    Older NPM Network Atlas maps not loading after upgrade to NPM 12


      After upgrading to NPM 12, some legacy maps from the previous version have icons on the left side of Network Atlas, but clicking on them doesn't produce maps or objects in the right window.


      Newly created maps seem to open without issue.


      The old maps were built from simple .jpgs of floor plans of buildings, with network nodes dropped into various rooms.  They nest in a hierarchy--floor > building > city > region, making it possible to double click region and see cities, double click on a city and site sites/buildings, double click on a building and see its floors, double click on a floor and see all the network nodes on the floor, click on a node and see its NPM pages & properties.


      I can eventually open the Region--after many minutes its nodes show up in the left pane, but no map shows up in the right window.  The nested cities & sites show up on the left pane only after twenty minutes of waiting, and clicking on a site does not open a map.   I can double click on a node and it opens only on the left side, showing its interfaces & sensors.  No map shows up for it.  Did I miss these when backing it up prior to the upgrade?


      Worse, prior to the upgrade we completely redid our servers and pollers and their structure, moving to new servers/pollers/NPM instances, etc.


      What can I do to find the old maps, and then troubleshoot and speed this process of opening old maps up?