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    Auditing events - how do people do it.


      Good afternoon fellow Thwackers.



      So while I have been busy toiling away at our solarwinds and slowly fighting the big fight and making things work.  I have been requested that we setup auditing.  I would like to start very simple (who has logged on and what time did they logon) and then develop auditing to make it quite complex (My initial idea was to simply disable the supplier accounts and then make them send a request to have the accounts enabled.  Not only will they have to tell us what they intend to do, but it will make it easier to manage.  We used to do this at a previous company and it was fantastic)


      Does anyone have a really simple, effective way of auditing?  I have seen some products that MIGHT help.  But if there's a way that I can do it from solarwinds (eg a custom template) then any ideas would be welcome.

      I suppose a custom template might be worth looking into.


      Anyways, if people have suggestions then it would be great if you could help me.