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    Web Help Desk Integration with Active Directory


      This is the topology of our configuration.

      There is network connectivity between all servers in the topology.

      The Web Help Desk is to be used by Clients in all the 3 locations.

      We are performing Active Directory Integration to pull the user accounts from all the ADs to Web Help Desk.


      1. The Web Help Desk have been fully integrated with AD1 (abc.com). We can browse the AD structure to select the OU that we want to import.


      2. When we integrate Web Help Desk with AD2 (xyz.com), we can reach the AD but we can not browse the OU to select appropriate OU to import.

      We imported the whole tree since we couldn't select.

      If we test the setting, it will show for example 453 records but if we search for client from that location it will show like 30-40 users account and the users records is more than that.



      Same result with AD3 (klm.com).



      Any assistance will be appreciated.