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    Virtual Machine filtering


      We have a significant number of VMs which we want to collect statistics for (Development Environment) but do not necessarily want to alert for and I'm struggling to find a way to filter these out of the alerts when integrated with Orion.


      They are quite easy to identify by their datastore or network, but these are not available when modifying the alerts, until now I'm going through and having to add a filter based on the IP address of the virtual machine but this is really time consuming.


      Does anyone know of a better way to achieve this?

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          We had the same issue when trying to monitor our vCloud environment.  I wanted alerts from the ESX hosts themselves, but not VMs running on those hosts.  We had a Solarwinds service account that had read-only access to the vCenter, the Data Center, and the ESX hosts only.  The service account has permissions to the objects only (not propagated to child objects) so Solarwinds only collects on the objects it can see.  If you could put all the Dev VMs in a single folder and not give your Solarwinds account access to that folder, you should be able to filter those out.  Let me know how it turns out.