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    Parent - Child Option for New Hire


      I'm brand new to WHD and am looking to replace our current solution.  One of the big needs is to build out our onboarding process in the ticket system.


      I've been testing out the ticket tasks and I'm a little confused on what the best setup method is.

      Here is my basic setup

      Request Type - New Hire runs Ticket task that creates the following tickets

      1 - HR - Run background check

      2 - Licensing - Verify License

      3 - IT - Setup network accounts


      So my first question is, since all the work is being done in the child tickets, it seems the parent ticket is mainly just a place holder.  Is this a correct?

      If so based on this article Auto-Close Parent Ticket once all Child Tickets are closed there is no method to auto close the parent ticket.  If that is the case how and who should manage the parent?


      Second, is it possible to group task elements by stages?  For example in my above scenario I want ticket 1 and 3 created on creation, however ticket 3 should not be created until both 1 and 2 are completed


      Third, I don't understand the inherent option.  Based on this Onboarding process managed by Web Help Desk all the custom fields I created in the New Hire request type will be passed down to the child tickets.  Is this true even if the child request types dont include those custom fields?  In my testing none of the custom fields are passed down.  In fact not even the client is passed down to the child.

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          Greetings MDS!

          I'll take a swing at these questions...


          Is the parent ticket a placeholder?

          Yes; it's a good way of centrally tracking all of the updates on the work being completed in the child tickets

          Who should manage the parent?

          For New Hire tickets, I would say that the hiring manager should be the client. This gives the hiring manager visibility of the progress of work being done to move the new hire process forward, and gives him or her the option to contact business owners if timelines are in danger of not being met.  In my org, the IT Help Desk handles the tech ownership of these tickets, but this could also be done by a licensed technician in HR.

          Elements by Stages?

          Yes, absolutely!

          Maybe you had a typo in your request, (ticket 3 was perhaps mentioned where ticket 2 was intended? )...if so...

          Task Element structure is hierarchical, so set up the following:

          • Ticket 1: Generate Next Element: On Creation
          • Ticket 2: Generate Next Element: On Creation
          • Ticket 3: Generate Next Element: When Status Equals Closed/Resolved/etc.

          This means that Ticket 1 and Ticket 2 will be created at the same time when the task starts, but Ticket 3 won't be created until Ticket 2 has been set to Closed or Resolved (or whichever status types you define).

          Inheriting Custom Fields from a parent when they don't exist in the child?

          Custom Field data will only be inherited to a child if the Custom Field has been assigned to the child ticket type *prior* to the Task Element execution *and* if the custom field has been set to inherit from the Task Element configuration.  Even if the same custom field is manually incorporated to a child ticket after execution, it will not look up the original value automatically.


          I hope this helps!

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              Thanks for the reply.  Yes that does indeed clarify things.


              Managing the Parent

              You are correct.  In our current solution the hiring managers are the clients (the ones submitting the request).

              So does that mean there is indeed no method to auto close the parent ticket when all children are complete?  If not is there a method to notify someone when all child tickets are complete?  For example if we in IT manage those parent tickets could we get an email when all children are complete so we could manually close out the parent?


              Elements by Stages?

              Yes I did have a typo.  Based on your description what we need is not an option.  For us all sales employees are required to by licensed by the state to work at our company.  Licensing is handled by a different department than HR.  All of this is very time sensitive so as soon as the hiring manager submits the ticket, I need ticket 1 created for HR work and ticket 2 created for Licensing work.  The issues is I cannot create ticket 3 for IT work until both 1 and 2 are complete.  So if ticket 2 is complete but ticket 1 is still open, I cannot start ticket 3.  Is this possible?


              Canceling a Parent?

              I have not tested this yet so my apologies if I'm asking a question to an obvious answer.  In my same example, Parent is created and has a status of Open.  Ticket 1 and 2 are created with status of open.  If either ticket 1 or ticket 2 is updated as status cancelled, will that automatically cancel the other open child ticket along with the parent?

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                  Yes, you can have someone notified as soon as the last ticket is closed.  We use a similar process to notify our Technical Trainer that all the equipment is ready for a new employee and he can do his QA.  Create an Action rule that looks for the last ticket to be closed.  Set the criteria to status is closed and Request type to the Network account creation.  Under actions, send an email to a specific recipient (or recipients).  Unfortunately WHD does not have a way to notify the people off a ticket here, you have to put a person's specific email address here.  You can enter any custom message and use the attributes you need to make the message.  Hope this helps.  See pics below.