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    Impact on Solarwinds database for creating large number of Dynamic Groups



      I was wondering what is the impact to Solarwinds and its database when large number of dynamic groups are created? We have over 600 dynmic groups in our Solarwinds. Also we have defined dependencies for each of these groups. After we created them all, I find the Orion interface became slow. The pages are taking longer to load.

      Can anyone tell me if the large number of dynamic groups and dependencies have any impact on Solarwinds performance. Did anyone of you tried creating these many groups in your environment?


      Thanks you


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          Dynamic group definitions absolutely do impact the performance of the application.  Depending on your hardware when you get into several hundred dynamic groups it can really crush the performance of NPM. 


          At this time the best solutions I have seen were to either reduce the frequency that Orion refreshes the groups or to just not build as many of them. Also static groups tend to have a much lower impact on the system as they are not constantly re-evaluating all the nodes to see if they fall into the group but they add in administrative overhead of keeping up with changes manually. 


          In many cases I work with people who will have many groups just listing out the devices at each particular site, where it would be more resource efficient just to set up an "All Nodes" resource grouped by a "Site" custom property or similar schemes.  In many cases you can use custom properties to accomplish much of what people use groups for without the performance impact.  And from my experience the menus for manipulating custom properties are way faster to work with than groups.


          -Marc Netterfield

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