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    Old, unclosed tickets no longer visible?




      I think it's to be understood but before anyone asks, I'm the administrator of our Web Help Desk.  When I look at Group Tickets, I see 168 tickets. 


      Today, I created three queries to break down the dates that tickets were opened.  I want to look at the much older tickets so we can get them resolved and closed out.  This is how I discovered our problem.


      In the query that shows all tickets that haven't been closed or cancelled, it shows a ticket count of 172.  My dashboard, to which I am the administrator of every group, only shows a count of 168.  It looks like we're missing four tickets but the issue is actually much worse.


      In the query that only shows tickets that haven't been closed or cancelled and were opened more than 60 days ago, I have a ticket count of 27 tickets.  When I search for those tickets in the Group Tickets tab, NONE of them are there.  If my one query shows a ticket count of 172, which would include the 27 from more than 60 days ago, how is that the Group Tickets tab is only short on total count by 4 tickets?  Why is it short at all?  If I can't see the 27 old tickets in the Group Tickets tab...I'm just confused.


      Many these older tickets are assigned to techs but they can't see them in their queue.  They aren't in the Group Tickets tab and they aren't in the tech's queue.  I don't want ANY unclosed tickets to just disappear and not be visible to others like this.  I can't find a way to determine what the Group Tickets tab is filtering on.


      Have any of you had issues with others not being able to see older tickets?





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          There is an option I would check in Setup> General Options for Max Weeks of Data in Dashboard, maybe also the Filter Dashboard Data to user in case these are causing the tickets to be excluded but I'm not sure why you would be missing tickets in queries? Are you running the queries from the Dashboard also or from the ticket search?

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              My "Max Weeks of Data in Dashboard" is set to 50 (that's as high as it will go but that's no bother as none of the tickets we have are more than 50 weeks old anyway).  Also, I'm not filtering tickets based on location, ticket type, etc.  Everyone in my department should be able to see all of the tickets that are either in their group or are assigned to them.  I've been busy so haven't had time to look at this further.  I hope to get in soon to really look at these ticket numbers and their dates so I can try to determine what's going on here.  Once I figure it out, I'm going to make any necessary changes to bring the missing tickets "back to life" and will post my update here.