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    UDP Values not Showing?




      So I have added 4 UDP's for Palo Alto and the 'Test' function on each one within the UDP application passes and shows me an expected result.

      I have tried Get, Get Next and Get Table.....my assumption is the Table one as its a text value.


      I have added them into the Orion Node web view as Table, Chart and Gauge but nothing shows up.


      The best I can get is to add the Univeral Device Poller Status view and this shows all 4 UDP's with a '1 value(s)' but doesn't actually show me the value!



      Have I missed something?


      It must be a Tabular Get as (for example), the Test Value for 'panMgmtPanoramaConnected' should show 'Connected' as it does when I do a test.



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          You should always leave the default values in undp. If they are not showing on the website then go to customize page on the node details screnn for the device and add a couple of more charts when searching under universal including the multiple universal device poller chart. If nothing still shows then go back to undp and add .1 or .2 to the end of the oid and check the charts in ten minutes.