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    Report including time between node events


      I am trying to write a custom SQL report that includes the node, event types 1 and 5, the duration between the events, and the message.  I have the node, event types, and message but need help calculating the duration between events 1 and 5.



      Below is the code.  Any help is much appreciated!  Thank you!




      Select NodeName, Event_Time, Cast(Message As nvarchar(250)) as Message




      ( SELECT Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,

        Events.EventTime AS Event_Time,

        Events.Message AS Message




      Nodes INNER JOIN (Events INNER JOIN EventTypes Events_EventTypes ON (Events.EventType =



      Events_EventTypes.EventType)) ON (Nodes.NodeID = Events.NetworkNode)





      where DATEDIFF(d, eventtime, getdate() ) = 1 and  Events.EventType  in (1,5)





      ) As r ORDER BY 1 ASC, 2 ASC