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    Setting Thresholds for Target - Total Server Memory


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      Allow me to begin by saying I'm by no means a SQL specialist, hence why I'm posting this question. I've been tasked to review one of our customer's SQL environment to better help establish more accurate alerting thresholds. The only one I really have a question on is the Target - Total Server Memory. The base threshold that was provided after applying the AppInsight SQL application to this particular node is Warning when less than 102400 and Critical if less than 0. The component is currently showing as a warning status. When using the feature to have Solarwinds apply baselines based on historical data, it suggests me to use negative values. We have another customer that has AppInsight applied to their SQL server with the same base threshold applied and it's showing green in monitoring. My question is what should we be using for an alerting threshold? Should it be kept the same and suggest a different method of remediation? Your help is very much appreciated and I think you in advance.



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          Right, here we go. The reason why you are getting a negative figure is because your target memory is greater than the actual total server memory. In other words your sql server is configured with an inaccurate memory and not dynamic or the server is under resourced. Every sql server is different so it is pointless comparing to others as the databases will never be the same except with replication on clusters. I would check the server memory resources configured on the sql server. The negative figure needs to be added to the total memory to get an indication of the correct total memory that should be assigned.

          Hope this helps.