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    Need some advice on group and location memberships


      I am struggling with group and location memberships and hoping someone would have some advice.


      A little background...I work in a public k12 environment. We have 3 Educational Technologists and 7 Building IT Techs.  We have 27 locations to support.  The 3 Educational Technologists have 9 buildings each.  The 7 Building IT Techs are assigned to 5-6 buildings of the 27 buildings.   To make things more fun, every building also has a part time Tech Liaison that works with both of these groups.


      I have split up these people into two groups: Ed Tech group (and they get all the ed tech/tech integration/training request types).  Then I have the Building IT Tech group that gets all the IT break/fix request types.


      I have a location group set up for each of the 27 locations.  Each Location Group currently has an Ed Tech, a Building IT Tech and a Tech Liaison assigned.


      Here's what I need:


      The Educational Technologists need to be able to see ALL tickets in the Ed Tech group, regardless of the location, so they can back each other up.

      The Educational Technologists also want to be able to see the Building IT Tech Group tickets at their assigned locations, so they can pick up lower level requests when our IT techs get backlogged

      The Building IT Techs only need to be able to see Building IT Tech Group tickets at their assigned locations.  They don't care about the Ed Tech tickets.

      The Tech Liaisons are not yet in their own "tech group" but I have assigned them to their Location Group.  I did end up assigning them to both the Ed Tech group and the Building IT group as they weren't able to see tickets until I did so.  Not sure that was the right thing to do.


      What has happened so far:


      The Educational Technologists are now complaining that once I added them to their location groups, they can no longer see the other Ed Techs tickets (which makes sense, since they are not in the same location group.  They are now being limited by their location).


      Is there anyway to make this work?   Sorry for the long-winded post.  I feel like I'm in Ghostbusters, attempting to cross the streams... it was much easier when everyone just stuck to their own team!