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    Deleting custom property values with alerts.


      Wanted to see if anyone could help me out with this.  I work in a large enterprise and my NOC technicians would love me if I can come up with a solution for this.

      This is a two part question.


      First question should be simple:

      I want to create an alert that does the following:

      When a node has been up for over 24 hours, delete everything in the custom property field "Comments".


      What value or variable do I use for the Trigger Action to clear/delete the custom property field's text?  Meaning custom property "Comments" Text box should be set to blank.


      Second Part of Question:

      After I get this alert to work on NPM 12 on my home lab, I want to replicate it on a different version of NPM.

      NPM 10.6 does not have the built in capability to alert and change values in custom properties.


      Is there a way I can create a custom Trigger Condition in this version of NPM?




      And thanks for taking your time to answer my question!