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    Baseline software?


      I am using SolarWinds PM with WSUS (and GPOS and Powershell for WSUS maint).


      The Target Groups we use are pretty simple:

      • Servers
      • Servers-DMZ
      • Servers-Testers
      • Servers-PBX
      • Servers-PBX-Testers
      • Workstations
      • Workstations-Testers


      Since a computer can only be in one (1) WSUS Target group at a time (and we don't have SCCM), has anyone figured out a way to create an approval to rollout a package (i.e. Cisco AnyConnect) to a group (i.e. Laptops) when needed (i.e. a "baseline")?


      I have a scheduled task created to push Adobe Reader DC to a group of computers that are always on so if a machine is ever replaced, it also gets the "baseline" software.  Problem is that the task also sends and re-installs to ALL other computers on the scheduled interval (Daily).


      So now when rolling out Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client I would like to only have it push to the machines that need it.


      Thanks for any help!

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          The easiest way I can see how to do this would be in the Applicability Rules for each piece of software you are wanting to install.  Use rules for if MSI Product Installed and then use the Product ID of the software.  So if it's not installed, it will install it, and if it is, it'll skip it

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              I'll try that with the Cisco AnyConnect MSI. Seems like I would also have to add in other rules (i.e. is it a laptop, tablet etc.).  Then I could approve to the Workstations or Workstations-Testers target groups for it to function like a "baseline".


              It won't work with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" as this is an EXE.  For an EXE it would be all or none per WSUS target group.  So in my case, I would have to create 2 new WSUS target groups (Test & Prod) for that population.  This may not be viable...  I may be trying to push PM & WSUS beyond its functionality.  SCCM would be better for baselineing, but is very expensive.