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    Cleaning out old patches


      Our WSUS server seems to be filling up with the 3rd party patches from patch manager.  Is there a way to get the outdated versions of all of the applications to be "expired" automatically so that the server cleanup wizard would clean them out?  Ideally we'd like to clean up any software versions that have had a new version come out.  It looks as though the "is expired" tag on the old versions of software is still set to "No".  Another option would be to expire any updates (except the latest) that is over 6 months old, for example.  I just think that the drive is filling up with all these 50 meg revisions of the different programs, and never being cleaned up.  Going back manually and removing the old versions is very time consuming, for something that I would think could easily be managed by the system (or pushed down from solarwinds - such as setting old updates to be expired).

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          The simple answer is no.


          The reason is the supersedence gets set when the package is created.  If its not set then you have to go and touch that package to set the supersedence in which case you may as well just delete it.


          You can easily sort and delete them though. 

               Start by going to Updates > Third Party Updates

               Select Approval: All and Status: Any

               Drag the Arrival Date column to the top bar so it filters on that.  You will have a couple filter options when you move it.  Older, one month ago, and (this may vary) last week or two weeks        ago, etc.  Expand Older.

               Sort by the icon that I have pointed the arrow at.  It is a little page icon with a green check arrow on it.  Its actually called file status information technically.

               Now just delete anything there you dont need that has a folded page with a check mark icon as those are the ones that have downloaded content with them.  As you can see I only have      47 updates to go through and of those there are only 25 with content.  It could be a pain still but hopefully that helps a little.




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            Adam Stephen

            Have you taken a look in the admin guide at the default cleanup task.  Review below the description of the option for recommended cleanup tasks.