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    Chrome WebGL error


      I'm running Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit) and in Orion I've noticed that I'm getting the Chrome error "Rats! WebGL hit a snag"  I'm just wondering if anyone else has been getting these too.  I can ignore and everything seems to work fine, but it's a bit annoying.  I believe I can disable WebGL in chrome, but since Orion is the only page I've ever seen the error appear, I'm just wondering if there is something in Orion that's causing a fuss with Chrome.  The only module I have is NPM, though I did recently install the Engineer Toolset for Web a week or so ago.  I can't remember if I began seeing the WebGL errors shortly before or after doing so, so it's possible that it is related to that.  Anyway, just looking to get some feedback.