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    SWQL value for Node Netflow Exporter (NTA)


      I'm trying to generate a report using a SWQL query that shows a list of nodes that are sending Netflow data to NTA.  I'm not able to find a value that will show this.  The closest I found is "Orion.Netflow.Source.Enabled" but, that only tells through True/False whether the node is capable of sending Netflow.


      Any help would be much appreciated!

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          Just use "LastTime" column for this purpose. This column tells you when the last Flow from given device was processed.

          For example if want to get NetFlow exporters from the last 24 hours you can use the following query:


          SELECT DISTINCT NodeID, Source.Node.IPAddress, Source.Node.Caption
              FROM Orion.Netflow.Source
              WHERE HOURDIFF(LastTime, GETDATE()) < 24
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            Here's what I came up with:

                    N.Caption AS [Node Caption],
                    I.Caption AS [Interface Caption],
                    NFS.LastTime ,
                    NFS.cbQoSEnabled ,
                    NFS.cbQoSLastTime ,
                    NFS.LastTimeAAR ,
                    NFS.LastTimeWLC ,
                    I.InterfaceName ,
                    I.InBandwidth ,
                    I.OutBandwidth ,
                    I.OutPercentUtil ,
            FROM    Orion.Nodes AS N
                    INNER JOIN Orion.Netflow.Source AS NFS ON N.NodeID = NFS.NodeID
                    INNER JOIN Orion.NPM.Interfaces AS I ON NFS.InterfaceID = I.InterfaceID
                                             AND NFS.NodeID = I.NodeID
            WHERE   ( NFS.Enabled = 1 )