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    NetPath Alerting

    michael malendoski

      Good morning all. There is a scenario in which I'm not sure the available NetPath alerting parameters would catch. I'm very open to being incorrect in this observation, which is why I believe it is best to ask the professionals.


      My employer has WAN failover paths (GRE w/ IPsec Tunnels) to each of our remote offices. This, of course, is in place in the case BGP adjacency to any of these sites is lost for any reason. Once the BGP holddown timer is exceeded, EIGRP is configured to converge all routes to the affected site through its respective tunnel. This would all happen within 2 minutes' time.


      I see that there are two different NetPath alerting instances available with NPM v12. They are NetPath Endpoint Service Assignments and NetPath Probe. Neither of these instances have Events that can be alerted on. Netpath Endpoint Service Assignments does have an alerting option for "LastStatus" which seems to be useful in this case. However, there may be an issue with this alerting field (listed below):


      NetPath Endpoing Service Assignments - LastStatus - is not equal to - Good


      Solarwinds advises customers to keep the NetPath polling intervals at the default of 10 minutes.  If BGP adjacency to a remote office, in my employer's network, were to be lost and EIGRP convergence occurred within the 10 minute polling interval, will NPM see the path in the "good" state the next time a poll is performed?


      In the end, the primary question that I have is.. can NPM/NetPath be configured to alert if the path to an endpoint changes in any way, either by hop count or next hop IP address(es)?

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          Yes. it can.  If you go into "All Settings, Manage Alerts", look for one that specifies "path to google changed" and copy and edit it for your specific ip address.  I just started setting this up for out remote sites.  You will want to setup in Netpath 1 path to each site ( it started to alert me for each path to the site had changed thats why i say one path to each site).  Its pretty straight forward, but if you need more assistance let me know.  There are a few other items out there that go into more detail about this when i find them i will post a link for you.