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    how to Create a graph for a temperature sencor


      Hi everyone

      In order to create a chart for a temperature sensor I tried and customized different resource views but none of them gave my favorable result. In my last try, I add a "custom object resource" to the page and in its edit page I set these parameters:

      Choose Object Type ----> Hardware Sensors

      Select Object ------> a specific "temperature Sensor on Temperature on Overall Hardware Status" of a specific Node

      Select Object Resource ----->  Hardware Health Chart for Temperature

      and finally clicked on submit button.

      The result is shown as follows:

      what's going on and what is the solution?


      I should add that if I choose node for "Choose Object Type" and a specific node for "Select Object" then all temperature sensors for that specified node will be shown on the chart. But what I want is a chart for a single chosen temperature sensor.