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    Is using a Custom Table the only way to have a Customer based report  run?


      I have made a custom report that gives various elements of a Node's health.   I had to enter the specific node  to make the report.    The end result is a single page report  on a single node. 

      The report does not contain a Custom Table or Chart, simply individual elements laid out on the page via columns and rows.


      Is there anyway to make this same style of report, that will run for a Customer, who has 100 servers?  With the end result being 100 page report, with each page depicting a single server.


      So far the only way I have been able to run Customer level reporting is via a Custom Table using Custom Properties that identify the Customer.


      My assumption is it may have to be accomplished via a script.  I have attached a PDF of the end result of the Node report.


      Any advice will be appreciated.