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    Tech assignment via email

      Can technicians pick up ticket assignments through WHD emails, or can it only be done through the web interface? For example, if a tech adds a note through a email ticket link, can the ticket automatically be assigned to them?


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          It is possible for a tech to update tickets using a specially formatted subject line.


          I think this may help you; I believe if a tech were to modify the subject to set the Ticket, Action, and Reassign  fields, that might work


          Here is an example subject line with samples of all the changeable things:

          Ticket:1532 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:NO Status:Pending EmailClient:NO Reassign:sally@mycompany.com MinutesWorked:30 BillingRate:Standard

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              Thanks for the tip. Tried to use the “REASSIGN” tag in a test
              ticket, and got the following. I’ve confirmed the address in the [email
              address] section matches exactly what shows as the primary email in the tech
              Account Info page.


              Your request to reassign Ticket 10718 could not be completed due to the following


                E-mail address " [email
              ’]” could not be found in the tech database.





                Subject: Ticket:10718 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:NO Status: EmailClient:YES
                Reassign: [email address] MinutesWorked:

                Date: Mon Aug 22 14:51:15 EDT 2016