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    SSL and/or other dependencies for IpMonitor to function properly?


      Recently ran into an issue where the SSL communication recently broke for IpMonitor with no known root cause.  HTTP is still fine, but not preferred since it's insecure.  Tried mucking with the SSL ports and certificates with support, changing ports, etc  No changes in status.  Case was archived due to something being done to this host recently and not blaming IpMonitor.  Applications installed recently were backed out and removed and failed to resolve the issue.


      A clean installation of IpMonitor 10.8 on the same server failed to resolve the https issue.


      Runtime log has the entry:

      [1471379205] ssl is not available, certificate could not be loaded


      and the ipm.log had this one:

      [1471890968] ip address ( attempted a connection and was denied


      Guess I'm asking if there is any known bugs or something with recent Microsoft patches? I'm likely going to have to run this from a new server.