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    NEW FoE Upgrade Documentation available


      Hello folks, this is the SolarWinds Doc Lady with updates on FoE Upgrade docs!


      We now have three great guides, tested and reviewed hard by the Geeks and SMEs.

      You can find all upgrade guides for all SolarWinds products here: SolarWinds Upgrade Guide - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support We have plans to add many more (in the works)!


      FOE Upgrade Guides:


      Please provide feedback as you have it for the guides, questions, thoughts, etc. We are actively reviewing, testing, and revising as we need to ensure you have the best docs available.



      Lori @ SW

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          Upgrade with FoE installed - P2P environment with manual upgrade


          Firstly: Please renumber the steps using a global to the document sequence number so anyone can refer to the steps in an email message; in my notes below I can't give you clean references because your document does not have them.

          If I were to report to support "I'm having problems with step 4" would they be able to find the one paragraph in your document that is numbered '4'? or did I really mean Step4?


          I think the whole section up to "Upgrade your servers product-by-product" is something that applies to either all upgrades or a re-clone upgrade? Either way I'd start by assuming whoever is doing an upgrade has a working FOE install and simply wants to upgrade one module. It simplifies the document, and all of the stuff in there about NIC ordering, anti-virus, etc. has never been an issue I've encountered in doing an upgrade.


          I'd STRONGLY recommend anyone with a large install only upgrade one module at a time.


          You've turned off the secondary server at a step 4 -- I think you have copied this from a different install document

          Then, later the instructions tell me to make it active, will not work if you followed the previous instruction

          The step to actually upgrade the primary server is missing from the document (somewhere in step 2 between 3 and 4-- I would like to be able to give you a clean reference, but I can't because of the lack of good numbering)


          Sorry I'm not more positive about this.