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    Use cases for Engineer Toolset for Web


      I'm aware of the usefulness of the desktop Engineer's Toolset, but I'm trying to figure out what y'all use the Web toolkit for.  I happened to be going through some licenses and noticed that we had one unused copy of the Web Toolset that I presume came bundled with our single desktop toolkit that one of the other techs use.  I figured, what the hell, let me install it into our Orion and see what it does.  Aside from traceroute, which is available in just about every OS, the other 4 tools seem to be the same thing that can be done in NPM.  Maybe I'm just being dense, but I don't see what the purpose of this is.  How do y'all use this?  Just trying to get some ideas for use cases.

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          Some of the usefulness off the top of my head...

          • Real-time monitoring (changes from every 5 second)
          • Ability to keep a watch from mobile (through mobile browsers)
          • Integrated troubleshooting/monitoring experience - eg: pick a hop node directly from the traceroute and get more details about the node
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