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    New feature in DPA 10.2: AD/LDAP configuration wizard


      You may have seen information about the new Active Directory/LDAP configuration wizard feature in the DPA 10.2 release notes. If you're wondering what this is and how it makes working in DPA easier, read on!


      Previously, to integrate DPA with your company's directory service, you had to manually edit the system.properties file. This process was tedious and tended to be error-prone.


      In DPA 10.2, you can use a new configuration wizard to configure DPA with your AD/LDAP server. This enables users to log in to DPA with their domain accounts, so they don't have to remember separate credentials.


      For all the details, see the Configure AD or LDAP topic in the DPA Admin Guide. It walks you through gathering the right information and where to enter it on each step of the wizard.


      In DPA, click Options > Administration > Configure AD/LDAP to get started!