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    No Netflow sources ever show up in NTA




      I have NTA 4.2 stored on an Orion server up in Azure which monitors my local environment over a VPN connection.  Firewall rules for VPN between the management and Azure monitoring network are any/any allowed.  For NTA, I have the database running locally, not in Azure.  I can't for the life of me get any of my network devices to show up in NTA.  I have a Fortigate 300d HA, several Brocade ICX7250 switches, and a Cisco 2504 WLC. I've followed all the tutorials on here about how to gather data from netflow, slfow, etc set up the collector, but nothing ever shows up from any device.  Since it is from several different types of devices, I'm thinking it is my Solarwinds configuration that is not right.  Does anybody have any ideas?